Nokia Lumia 822 

Released November, 2012
  • Windows Phone, 8
  • 4G
  • 4.3"
  • Dual core 1.5 GHz
We like its overall design and comfortable feel, and the 4.3” ClearBlack AMOLED display shows relatevely accurate colors and is bright enough for outside use, even if the resolution isn’t the best we’ve seen.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
The web browsing experience is an enjoyable one, with Internet Explorer 10 on-board.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
6.8 Out of 10

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Processing power and speed

Lumia 822
Lumia 820
iPhone 5
Sunspider 0.9.1


3D and 2D graphics

Lumia 822
Lumia 820
iPhone 5
GLBenchmark 2.5 and GLBenchmark 2.7

Battery Life

How long will the battery last

Lumia 822
Lumia 820
iPhone 5
Talk time (3G), Talk time, Standby time (3G), Standby time and 1 more


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Lumia 822
Lumia 820
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Lumia 822
Lumia 820
iPhone 5

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Nokia Lumia 822

SunSpider 0.9.1 Web browser and javascript performance

Lumia 822
921 ms
iPhone 4
3,545 ms
Lumia 720
1,438 ms

GLBenchmark 2.7 3D graphics performance

Lumia 822
2.9 fps
iPhone 5
6.7 fps
iPhone 4
0.4 fps

GLBenchmark 2.5 3D graphics performance

Lumia 822
7.2 fps
iPhone 5
29.8 fps
19.8 fps

Reviews Word on the street for the Nokia Lumia 822

Nokia Music has an excellent free streaming music service that stand in nicely for the missing Pandora and Spotify.

The Windows Phone 8 interface is very polarizing, as you will either love it or hate it, but the Lumia 822 provides a nice implementation of it in a modest priced handset.


7.7 Out of 10

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And since the Lumia 822 is being sold by Verizon, you also get apps for ESPN, My Verizon Mobile, Univision, and Weather.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
The Nokia on Verizon has rounded corners that improve look and feel, though we will it were available in something more lively than black, gray and white (Verizon just added red for Valentine's Day).
by MobileTechReview (Dec, 2012)
Introduction: Even though most new Verizon smartphones seem to be of the Android flavor, the carrier recently introduced two Windows Phone 8 devices: the Nokia Lumia 822 ($99.99 on contract) and the HTC Windows Phone 8X ($199.99 on contract).
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)


The portrait option is very good, especially considering the aspect ratio of the screen, which makes it a bit wider than the standard 16:9 displays that we have nowadays.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
It's still an AMOLED screen, meaning that it still gravitates towards the “cooler” side, but it is more accurate than what you'll get from other Super AMOLED screens, like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S III.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
The Lumia 822 is pretty much the same device as the Lumia 820, but repackaged for Verizon, as it retains the 4.3” WVGA ClearBlack AMOLED display, 8MP camera, and general appearance.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)


Even though the Lumia 822 comes equipped with an 8MP autofocus camera with a Carl Zeiss f/2.2 lens, images that we took outside did not impress us, as fine details were lacking and color accuracy was poor – mostly looking “cool” instead of natural.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
Aside from being able to view the images in the camera roll, the app also populates albums stored in our Facebook account, and we can use the “Tap & Send” feature to share photos to other NFC-enabled Windows Phones.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
For indoor shots, images had noticeable grain as the light levels decreased, though the dual LED flash does a good job of illuminating a dark environment.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)


The included 1800mAh battery is a good performer, as it was able to provide us up to 11 hours of continuous talk time on a full charge, or about 2 days of mixed usage.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
Also, the thicker body allows for a removable battery, so you can swap in a spare when needed.
by MobileTechReview (Dec, 2012)
Call Quality and Battery: The call quality on the Nokia Lumia 822 is good, not great, as voices sounded a bit digital instead of natural, but one thing we didn’t care for was the “sharpness” of voice tones through the earpiece speaker.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)


The CPU is clocked at 1.5 GHz, and is complemented by a healthy 1GB of RAM.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2012)
It has a vibrant ClearBlack AMOLED display that's visible outdoors, the same CPU and RAM as more expensive Windows phones, a very good camera and Nokia's excellent app bundle.
by MobileTechReview (Dec, 2012)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 4.3"
Resolution 800 x 480
Touchscreen Capacitive
Multitouch Yes
PPI 216 ppi


Has an assisted GPS Yes


Supports FM radio No


Operating system Windows Phone, 8
App store Windows Phone Marketplace
Adobe flash support No
App store size 120,000 apps


Acts as a wi-fi hotspot Yes
Supports NFC Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth v3.0

form factor

Weight 142 g
Thickness 11.2 mm
Size 68.4 x 127.8 x 11.2 mm


Clock speed 1.5 GHz
Number of cores Dual core
Internal storage 16 GB
Supported card formats
  1. SDXC
  2. SDHC
  3. SD

photo & video

Camera 8 MP
Resolution 8 MP
Flash Yes
Secondary camera 1.2 MP
Video resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps


Generation 4G
  1. GSM (0.01 Mb/s)
  2. UMTS (0.38 Mb/s)
  3. CDMA (0.01 Mb/s)
  4. LTE (20 Mb/s)


Talk time 618 min
Talk time (3G) 702 min
Standby time 15,264 min
Standby time (3G) 24,048 min
Capacity 1,800 mA·h
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