LG Optimus L3 II 

Released February, 2013
  • Android 4.1.2
  • 3G
  • 3.2"
  • 1 GHz
Another nice touch is the fact that when you receive a text it will pop up on your screen over whatever else you might be doing.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
The phone is very lightweight too at 3.88oz or 110g.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)
5.3 Out of 10

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It divides your music collection into songs, artists, albums and genres, and it also has a by folder view.

The Chrome browser doesn't have that bottom bar but both browsers keep most of their options in a popup menu which lets you save a page as a favourite, request a desktop site or toggle and tweak all sorts of settings from whether or not to save passwords to enabling JavaScript.


5.0 Out of 10

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The specs are more worrying though, particularly the screen which is distinctly small and low resolution.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
Luckily, the brightness slider is integrated in the notification dropdown so it’s fairly easy to manually tune it.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)
That's all pretty standard, but the LG Optimus L3 2 also includes Polaris Viewer, which enables you to view documents - though as with everything that's heavily reliant on the screen, it's not a great experience.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)


With a moderate amount of mixed use - a bit of web browsing, some calls and texts, half an hour of listening to music and the same of watching video plus quite a lot of standby time (albeit with emails and social network notifications getting pushed to the phone) we got more than a day out of it, with it getting down to around 35% by the time we went to bed and still seeing us through until about noon the following day.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
The 'Email' app is what you'll be using for any email accounts that aren't Gmail.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
The home button is fairly unique in that the edges contain LED's which light up to alert you to calls, emails and texts.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)


The video player is a brilliant effort on LG’s part.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)
There's not much to it and the phone is light and comfortable to hold for movie-length periods, but honestly we can't imagine most people choosing to use it as a video player.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
It grabs all of your videos and arranges them neatly, and you can even dig by folder to select the right video.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)


It's a decent set of options really for such a basic camera.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
That’s right - macro shots are not an option here.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)
There's no flash either and you can't tap to focus, so its photo taking capabilities are somewhat limited.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)


If you need to stretch the battery life longer than that there is also an included battery saver tool, which will turn off things such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use, as well as dropping the screen brightness and reducing the screen timeout period.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
Good battery life is a major boon for any smartphone, so it's great to see that the LG Optimus L3 II manages it.
by TechRadar (Jun, 2013)
But neither of them have such a huge battery that will easily last two full days, and that along with the cheap price would be the strongest features of this phone.
by PhoneArena (Jun, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Type Super IPS LCD2
Size 3.2"
Resolution 320 x 240
Touchscreen Capacitive
Multitouch Yes
PPI 125 ppi


Has an assisted GPS Yes


Supports FM radio Yes


Operating system Android 4.1.2
Multitasking Yes
App store Android Market
Adobe flash support No
App store size 850,000 apps


Acts as a wi-fi hotspot No
Supports NFC No
Bluetooth Bluetooth

form factor

Weight 110 g
Thickness 11.9 mm
Size 61.1 x 102.6 x 11.9 mm


Clock speed 1 GHz
Number of cores Single core
RAM 0.5 GB
Internal storage 4 GB
Supported card formats
  1. SDHC
  2. SD

photo & video

Camera 3 MP
Resolution 3 MP


Generation 3G
  1. GPRS (0.01 Mb/s)
  2. HSPA (unspecified)
  3. UMTS (0.38 Mb/s)
  4. EDGE (0.38 Mb/s)
  5. GSM (0.01 Mb/s)


Talk time 990 min
Talk time (3G) 690 min
Standby time 43,776 min
Standby time (3G) 40,752 min
Capacity 1,540 mA·h
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