LG G Flex 

Released November, 2013
  • Android 4.4.2
  • 4G
  • 6"
  • Quad core 2.26 GHz
It has a fast processor, lots of RAM, a big battery, and a large display.
by Android Police (Dec, 2013)
The big 6" OLED display looks very nice at full brightness, with deep blacks and vivid colors - just don't look too closely.
by Android Police (Dec, 2013)

Features Key features of the LG G Flex

screen size

G Flex

screen resolution

G Flex
1280 x 720
2560 x 1440
Galaxy Note 3
1920 x 1080


G Flex
2 GB
3 GB


G Flex
Quad core
iPhone 5s
Dual core
Galaxy Note 3
Quad core

camera resolution

G Flex
13 MP
Xperia Z1
20.7 MP

Reviews Word on the street for the LG G Flex

That said, we tested both the AT&T and Sprint models, and AT&T has very strong cover in our area (Dallas, TX), while Sprint's isn't as strong.

LG is now 2 for 2, but giving the LG G Flex the awesome ability of shooting 1080p videos at 60 FPS – in addition to the usual 30 FPS.

It's truly impressive thanks to the capacity of the cells, but also the lower-resolution OLED screen.



7.6 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


For a phone so focused on the advanced technology behind its screen, the screen itself feels like a very real step backwards in some ways.
by Android Police (Dec, 2013)
Honestly, most folks will look at this and think it's a colorful display with wide viewing angles before they notice the lack of pin sharpness.
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)
Even though it produces a nice glow at the highest brightness setting, it’s still prone to being washed out when it’s viewed outdoors with the sun present – and that’s despite having fantastic viewing angles.
by PhoneArena (Dec, 2013)


The camera can shoot 1080p, 30 fps and 60 fps video, and it can shoot 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 video.
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)
It’s sharp looking from a normal viewing distance, but after scoping out 1080p displays everywhere else, we begin to realize that upon closer inspection, it lacks the razor sharp visuals of its 1080p rivals.
by PhoneArena (Dec, 2013)
720p isn't horrendous, but on a phone with a bigger than average 6 inch screen, we noticed text wasn't quite as sharp as we'd like.
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)


Interesting design will 'turn heads', comfortable to use as a phone, amazing battery life, big screen is fabulous to use, high quality audio feature.
by PocketLint (Feb, 2014)
Curved batteries could have big implications, and a rear cover that un-scratches itself?
by Android Police (Dec, 2013)
The battery in this thing is great.
by PocketLint (Feb, 2014)


Whereas its still image quality is underwhelming at times, its video recording performance is much better.
by PhoneArena (Dec, 2013)
It's a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, HDR and a variety of shooting modes like VR panorama, beauty shot, Intelligent Auto (a feature found on Sony cameras since this is a Sony module), burst shot and time catch (several frames captured over time to show a figure or object as it moves across the screen).
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)
The absent OIS will mean poorer performance in low light or with shaky hands, but the imaging unit itself is still capable of some very respectable results.
by Android Police (Dec, 2013)


Now we know what some of you are thinking, why 720p resolution as opposed to 1080p?
by PhoneArena (Dec, 2013)
The LG G Flex has top specs and it's fast, but I'm afraid the 720p display and higher price tag will turn off some folks.
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)
The technology just isn't there yet to make a full HD flexible display.
by MobileTechReview (Feb, 2014)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 6"
Resolution 1280 x 720
PPI 244 ppi


Clock speed 2.26 GHz
Number of cores Quad core
Internal storage 32 GB

photo & video

Camera 13 MP
Resolution 13 MP
Flash Yes
Secondary camera 2.1 MP
Video resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60 fps


Generation 4G
  1. GPRS (0.01 Mb/s)
  2. HSPA (unspecified)
  3. UMTS (0.38 Mb/s)
  4. EDGE (0.38 Mb/s)
  5. LTE (20 Mb/s)
  6. HSDPA+ (42.2 Mb/s)
  7. GSM (0.01 Mb/s)


Capacity 3,500 mA·h

form factor

Weight 177 g
Thickness 7.9 mm
Size 81.6 x 160.5 x 7.9 mm


Has an assisted GPS Yes


Supports FM radio No


Operating system Android 4.4.2
Multitasking Yes
App store Android Market
Adobe flash support No
App store size 850,000 apps


Acts as a wi-fi hotspot No
Supports NFC Yes
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
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