Asus PadFone X mini 

Released October, 2014
  • Android 4.4
  • 4G
  • 4.5"
  • Dual core 1.6 GHz
Testing out its might with gaming, we can certainly attest its performance is effective enough to make the experience enjoyable to say the least.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
On the surface, it looks closely similar to its beefier sibling in the PadFone X, but it’s obvious that it doesn’t receive as much love.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)

Features Key features of the Asus PadFone X mini

screen size

PadFone X mini
Galaxy S5

screen resolution

PadFone X mini
854 x 480
Galaxy S4
1920 x 1080
Galaxy S5
1920 x 1080


PadFone X mini
1 GB
Galaxy S4
2 GB
Galaxy S5
2 GB


PadFone X mini
Dual core
Galaxy S4
Quad core
Galaxy S5
Quad core

camera resolution

PadFone X mini
5 MP
Galaxy S5
16 MP
Galaxy S4
13 MP

Reviews Word on the street for the Asus PadFone X mini

Its design is boring, the display isn’t sharp, the camera delivers nightmarish results, and its battery life is nowhere close to the top of the leader boards.

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


The laundry list of unpleasant qualities with the screen is an endless one, like its lack of sharpness, so-so 385 nit brightness, the panel’s colder looking tone, and its distorted look at various wide angles.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
Visually, it employs bright and bold color tones to liven up the interface – without being too aggressive with redundant features.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
In fact, details are pretty much non-existent – to the point that its production has a very distinct, muddy appearance.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)


In terms of color reproduction, it’s decent looking when viewed straight up, but it begins to wash out the wider we go.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
Outfitted with a 5-megapixel camera, it may not seem particularly impressive on paper, but pure resolution should hardly be the concern with this camera.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
It gets worse under low light, as digital noise creeps up and becomes a nasty figure in the shot.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)


Dynamic display mode works in fitting and resizing most apps appropriately for tablet, but it can be finicky.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
Launching the ZenUI music player, it’s pretty noticeably in an instance that it’s generic with its presentation and functionality.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
Once the phone is inserted into the tablet, the PadFone X mini automatically goes into this dynamic display mode – where the technology allows apps on the phone to scale and fit properly on the tablet.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)


Unfortunately, those same qualities also translate over to the 7-inch 800 x 1280 display of the tablet – albeit, we find its resolution to be sufficient for practical usage on a tablet.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
Normally, 1080p videos have a fair amount of detail, but with this, it’s nowhere in sight.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)


Don’t even bother trying to record 1080p video with the Asus PadFone X mini, you’ll be spared from its abysmal quality.
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)
You CAN watch videos on the PadFone X, but the question is more like why would you want to do that, especially when the experience is better over on the tablet?
by PhoneArena (Nov, 2014)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Size 4.5"
Resolution 854 x 480
PPI 217 ppi


Clock speed 1.6 GHz
Number of cores Dual core
Internal storage 8 GB
Supported card formats
  1. SDXC
  2. SDHC
  3. SD

photo & video

Camera 5 MP
Resolution 5 MP
Flash Yes
Secondary camera 2 MP


Generation 4G
  1. HSPA (unspecified)
  2. EDGE (0.38 Mb/s)
  3. HSUPA (7.2 Mb/s)
  4. LTE (20 Mb/s)
  5. UMTS (0.38 Mb/s)
  6. GSM (0.01 Mb/s)
  7. GPRS (0.01 Mb/s)


Capacity 2,060 mA·h

form factor

Weight 149 g
Thickness 12.6 mm
Size 66.2 x 132.2 x 12.6 mm


Has an assisted GPS Yes


Supports FM radio No


Operating system Android 4.4
Multitasking Yes
App store Android Market
Adobe flash support No
App store size 850,000 apps


Acts as a wi-fi hotspot No
Supports NFC No
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
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