What Happens When Non-Engineers Build Phones

This little gem is making it big on r/videos of reddit. While well intended, this is why technical backgrounds are so important. I’m a marketer, working at a tech startup… I get it. I have cool ideas… that would be awesome! But no way to execute. Or any understanding of what is technically possible/feasible. I go to startup networking events all the time and listen to crazy game-changing ideas from people who don’t know how to set up a wireless router. You nod, smile and say “Sounds cool, let me know when you have a prototype”. Hopefully, this pitch might get some visionary, super talented engineers interested but I’m betting this one goes the way of #Kony2012.

Top comment on reddit pretty much nailed it…
fullym reddit concept phone

and youtube…
fullyc reddit concept phone02

You know what they say. Haters gon hate. And in this case, I guess I’m a hater. What do you think? Next level visionaries or naive wannabe entrepreneurs?

not a phone fullyc

(via Reddit)

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