Twitter App Is Causing Crazy High Data Usage in Windows Phones

Do you have a Windows phone? Has your data usage been higher than usual lately?

It’s not all those cat videos you’ve been watching during your commute (well, not entirely, anyways). An issue with the phones’ built-in Twitter client is causing your contacts’ profile pictures to be constantly re-downloaded, leading to some crazy data usage.

From the Verge:

On one of our own Windows Phone devices we found that the People hub, the section that hosts the built-in Twitter client, had used over 300MB of mobile data and over 3GB of Wi-Fi data in just under a week. The data drain occurs even if you don’t use the People hub… Verge readers have confirmed the issue on a variety of handsets, and we understand it’s not related to any specific Windows Phone update so any device could experience the problem.

Because the issue is related to the fact that Twitter is currently in the process of switching all profile pictures over to a new server, it won’t be a quick fix for Microsoft. But, if you remove your Twitter account from People Hub and switch to using a regular Twitter app, you should be able to avoid the excessive data use until a real fix rolls out or the profile picture migration ends in a few weeks.

In the meantime, if you don’t have unlimited data, check with your provider to make sure you don’t get dinged by unnecessary fees.

(via the Verge)

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