Lumia 1520 and 1020 Will Offer RAW Shooting and More

If you had any doubt that Nokia’s taking smartphone photography to new heights, this should change your mind. Yesterday at Nokia World 2013, the company made several exciting announcements about its flagship camera phones.

First thing’s first: the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 will both offer RAW support once the Nokia Lumia Black OS update rolls out, making them the first smartphone cameras to do so. As PetaPixel pointed out, shooting in RAW will eat up space in a hurry (the 1520 shoots 20 megapixels, while the 1020 takes 41-megapixel photos, so the file sizes will be huge), but to any serious shooter, this shouldn’t matter too much.

Nokia also announced the new Nokia Camera app, which will replace the current Smart and Pro apps. From PetaPixel:

The new app is simply called Nokia Camera, and it combines “the best features of Nokia Pro Cam and Nokia Smart Cam” into an application with three unique modes of its own and manual controls.

Nokia Camera comes with three main modes: Smart Mode, Camera Mode and Video Mode. The Smart Mode lets you automatically take a burst of multiple shots so that you can remove unwanted objects, change faces or create a “sequence shot,” while the Camera mode features the manual controls you’re familiar with from Pro camera as well as the ability to select Night and Sports modes if you’re shooting in those particular situations.

And, finally, Nokia showed off a new app called Nokia Refocus Lens, which allows the user to change the focus on a photo after it’s been taken. You can play around with a demo here, but you can see a quick example at the top of this article.

So, smartphone photographers, are you excited or what?

(via PetaPixel)

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