Does Anyone Even Use Siri?

Do you use Siri? If you answered yes, you’re among just 15 percent of people who’ve used Apple’s virtual personal assistant.

From the International Business Times:

According to a poll of 2,330 U.S. consumers by Intelligent Voice, 85 percent of respondents have never used Siri in iOS 7. Of those that had used Siri in iOS 7, 46 percent responded that Apple “oversold the voice recognition capabilities of Siri.”

Now, the first stat isn’t really that impressive. That’s 85 percent of the whole population, not of current iOS 7 users. But the second stat is a pretty good indication that those who do use Siri aren’t as overjoyed with it as Apple wants them to be.


I don’t use Siri because I think voice-recognition technology isn’t there yet. That point of view is somewhat reflected in the poll, in which about 44 percent of respondents rated Siri’s accuracy as either hit or miss, not very good, or bad.


In my personal experience, the voice-recognition in apps like Siri and Waze only works properly about three quarters of the time – and that drops if I’m located anywhere other than a quiet room. (For the record, I speak clearly and don’t have an accent.)

To me, it’s not worth spending 15 minutes messing around and trying to convince Siri that “Wants the leather like outside?” is neither what I meant nor a real question when I could just navigate to my weather app instead.

What’s your experience with Siri been like, if you use it at all?

(via International Business Times)

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