7 iOS7 Features That Android Has Had For Years

So my friend updated to iOS7 the other day and spent the next hour squealing about how amazing it was, and I almost cared. For the past year I’ve had a phone with Android on it and so have had to endure being second to everything—anyone who’s worked or lived with the OS knows what I’m talking about. But I was struck by the “new” features Apple packaged with this update; they seemed familiar.

Turns out they were.

1. Time stamps on messages


Yep. Welcome to 2013, Apple. What’s strange about this “innovation,” like many of the others that came with iOS 7, was just how much it makes sense. And Apple’s usually pretty good with that stuff.

2. Block Calls

block calls

I get calls all the time from area codes that have no business contacting me, but at least Android gives me the option to block those numbers immediately. As far as I understand, Apple users are still only able to block contacts.

3. Control Centre

control centre

Very useful, no, Apple fans? Isn’t it nice to just swipe and then be able to control shit like brightness and screen rotation?

4. Notifications


In fact with Android you can customize your theme and launcher to display your notifications and “control centre” WITH JUST ONE SWIPE. How’s that for innovation?? Eh??

5. Multitask


I know that both of these mobile operating systems are now pretty good at dedicating power resources only to apps that are currently running, but it’s still nice being able to quickly go into the list of apps that I’ve had open recently (on my phone it’s just a long-press of the home button) and easily swipe to close them.

6. Folders


Customization is the one area where Android’s always outshone Apple, and may always continue to do so (even if this comes at the cost of any semblance of cohesiveness). It never made sense that in all versions of iOS older than 7, folders were so severely limited, and I’m glad that’s now changed.

7. Wallpaper


The new parallax effect is pretty cool, even if it has been making people feel ill, but it’s old news compared with Android’s live wallpapers. Customization wins out again, yo.


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