About PhoneRocket

Deciding which new smartphone to buy can be a difficult decision. Should you go for the phone with the fastest CPU or the best battery life? The most portable phone or one with a big screen? Whichever phone you do choose, it’ll be your sidekick for the next few years, so choose wisely.

We built PhoneRocket to make it quick and easy to compare smartphones and see how the competition stacks up, spec-for-spec. We aggregate tons of smartphone specs, benchmarks, and reviews into one central place and package that info. in a visual, easy to understand format. Our goal is to cut through the hype and become a “cheat sheet” for comparing smartphones.

How can PhoneRocket help you pick out the right phone?

  • Compare phones head-to-head to see which one performs the best
  • Quick summaries of the differences between phones (iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone)
  • See what people are saying in reviews collected from around the web
  • Find the best phone by criteria (e.g. longest battery life or highest screen resolution)

We’re just a bunch of geeks who are trying to create a better way to pick out your next phone. We’re still working to improve PhoneRocket so we’d love feedback or suggestions.

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